Artist + Process

Artist + Process

Natalie Borghese is a Canadian glass artist who works from her studio in Ontario, Canada, creating one of a kind flameworked glass jewellery.  

Formerly a practicing architect, she has always had a love of art history, craft and “making.”  Over the years she has studied ceramics and metalworking, and in 2015, chance led her to flameworking and a new path as a glass artist.

All of her beads are handmade one at a time by melting rods of coloured glass in the flame of a torch, and winding the molten glass onto a steel mandrel.  She uses glass from Murano, Italy, Germany and the USA to make her beads and all of their components, including the little floral murrine (flowers).  Once complete, each bead is annealed in a kiln for strength and durability.

Her work is an exploration of natural forms, light, and ideas about lightness, fragility and impermanence.  She approaches each piece like it’s a watercolour painting, layering washes of transparent and translucent colours, fragments of shimmering 24K gold leaf, tiny opaque dots, fine lines, and delicate floral murrine to create rich, complex compositions.  

Small enough to hold in the palm of your hand, the scale and detail of her work encourages you to look closer and discover the hidden world within.  Flame chemistry, heat, timing and the movement of her hands ensure that no two pieces are ever the same.



GBUK Newcomer Award, 2017


Juried Exhibitions

The Earring Show 2021, Craft Council of BC, Vancouver, BC, May 2021

The Earring Show 2020, Craft Council of BC, Vancouver, BC, May 2020

Canada 150 Competition, Ottawa Glass Bead and Jewellery Show, October 2017

Flame Off 2017, GBUK Bead Competition, Staffordshire, England, June 2017



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All glass designs, drawings and photographs Copyright © Natalie Borghese 2020